Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We're getting a new addition!

We've decided to adopt a new member into our family. And it's a boy!

His name is Kegger, and he is an 8 week old Chesapeake Bay Retriever that currently lives in Elkton, MD. We go to pick him up this Sunday, 3/18!

We've wanted to get another dog, and we were going to wait until we got a house. But since I'm home until at least September, and we found a puppy for a great price, we decided to go for it. I'll train him through a school in Columbia, and I've already scouted out the dog park near here. I even found a creek near Kyra's school! As soon as he can come when he's called, we'll have a lot of fun!

We were going to name him Max, 1) in honor of the Chessie we had growing up and 2) because we have "M" dogs- Moosie, Molly. But when I was speaking with the lady who owns his parents today, she told me that they've been calling him "Kegger" because he looks like a little keg. The name cracks me up- Kegger. We're Brewers, so it seemed appropriate. Kegger Brewer. Guess I can't let go of the old SSU days after all, huh?

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