Friday, May 25, 2007

Red Devils

On Sunday, June 3rd, Kelly, Kyra, Kegger, Mandy & I, along with my friend Laura and her Mom, Lisa Fassett and Kurt will be walking with the Red Devils for the Annual Heart and Sole Stroll.

From the Red Devils website:
The Red Devils funds services to improve quality of life for breast cancer patients and their families. The emotional and physical impact of this disease may make some of the things we take for granted almost impossible:

• House cleaning
• Getting to doctor appointments
• Preparing family meals
• Fun

My frind Lisa Slater Williams is battling metastatic breast cancer and is getting treatment at the University of MD. I have inquired with the Red Devils about getting Lisa some help with house cleaning, and funds are low this quarter.

We are doing this walk to help support the Red Devils and what they do for breast cancer patients. If you'd like to donate, you can go to the Red Devils website or you can mail a check made out to the Red Devils to me (email me for our address).

If you'd like to walk with us, how much more fun would that be??? Go to the website and click on "Join an Existing Team"- our team name is "Lisa's Ladies & Gents". Hope to see you there!!

Here's a picture from the 2004 walk:

Monday, May 21, 2007

Wine in the Woods- 5/20/07

We attended Wine in the Woods- finally! I've been wanting to go since we met 10 years ago, but other plans or the weather have always prevented us from going. It was so much fun- the weather was great, the wine was flowing and the company was fantastic. What more could you ask for??

We went with one of my oldest friends Todd, his girlfriend Val, my friend Christine and her son Justin (Justin and Kyra went to the Young School together), and Todd's sister Kristy and his nephew Wyatt. The kids had a blast. Kyra and Justin played like they always have, and Wyatt fit in perfectly. They played in the roped off wooded area right behind us- we could see them the whole time but were off in their own little world. It was perfect.

The Regan Years (an 80's band) played in the latter part of the afternoon, and Christine and I took the kids down to dance- what fun!! They got wild and cut loose.

Can't wait to do it again next year :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bo Bice on Mother's Day

Kelly bought us tickets to see Bo Bice at Rams Head in Annpolis. We really liked Bo when he was on American Idol, so this was a great surprise for me!! He didn't realize the show was on Mother's Day, but it worked out great.

Kyra had a very busy weekend- a Fun Run at Rockburn Elementary, a Daisy event, soccer, dance rehearsal and sleepovers at G&G Brewer's and G&G Mahoneys!

The concert was great. We love that venue- we've only been there once, to see the Subdudes last year (going again next month!). These tickets on Sunday were awesome- I was 6 feet away from Bo! Gary Nichols opened for him, and we thought he was great. Kelly got to meet him as we were leaving the bar. We walked around Annapolis for awhile after the show. We bought a cute pirate kind of sign that says "Poop Deck"- appropriate for a small yard w/3 dogs! I also finally got the Crocs that I've been wanting. I love them! Kyra thought they were so beautiful (they're pink)- I thought that was funny.

It was a great Mother's day!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Bike riding

Kyra loves to ride her bike!! She goes up and down some pretty good hills in the neighborhood. She's working on getting the training wheels off- that will be Dad's job!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

More cards.....

More cards I've made.... the top 2 were already in the plastic bag, and I was too lazy to take them out- made them for Mom to send out. These 2 styles of cards were a stretch for me- using paper flowers, ribbon AND my new embossing toy (the Cuttlebug). I LOVE tools, accessories, etc, but I don't use them nearly as often as I should. These were fun to make. Kelly got me a subscription to Paper Crafts magazine, and I love it. I get so much inspiration for layouts and designs of cards- that's what I usually have the hardest time with - I hav all this STUFF, what do I do with it???? I finally let go of the subscriptions to the parenting mags- too much baby stuff in there for me. I really love the scrapbooking and crafty mags, so that's what I'm keeping!

Back to the original theme of this post! The other 3 cards are more Bella stamps I got for Mothers Day (from Mom). I have another order from them ready to go- the lady at The Stamping Bella has created Fellas!! They are toooo cute- I have the Beerafella in my cart and will have him soon. I can't imagine a better stamp for me to have :)