Thursday, April 09, 2009

DC 4-9-09

Mom, Linda, Kyra and I went downtown today to see what was left of the Cherry Blossoms. After a rough start w/the tour bus company (now I know which one NOT to use!), it was a great day. The weather was awesome, and although trees were not as pink and full as they probably were a week ago, they were still beautiful.

Farewell, friend.

I was happy today to find a friend on Facebook that I worked with in the Public Safety office at SSU. I *loved* that job- it was so much fun to work with the other girls (Jodi, Kim, Sandy among others) as well as with Jack Bunting and Carolyn Huston. I loved hanging out with them. Jack tried to convince me to stay in Salisbury after graduation- he loved to make fun of me and my Circle Bar antics and the aftermath. Carolyn had funny nicknames for me- "turnip patch" comes to mind, but I always remember her laughing.

Jodi shared with me the news that Carolyn was hit by a drunk driver on Rt 50 in Willards in Sept 2007. I had no idea, and am so sad today.

Here's a link to the story I found on a Salisbury blog:

Here's what the SU news said in 2006 when Carolyn retired:
An SU alumna, Huston returned to her Alma Mater in 1986, serving two decades before retiring as a corporal with the University Police. “Carolyn was a standout on the softball team while a student. She continued to keep her work and study ethic when she joined the SU Police Department,” said Lt. Robert Brown. “She is a fast learner and had to only be told or shown a task once and she could master it. As an officer she was at the top of her class at the Police Academy and a expert shot with a firearm. Carolyn was always ready to do whatever was needed to assist the department or a fellow officer no matter the effort required. I consider it a privilege to have worked both alongside her and later as one of her supervisors.”
Jack, Jeff, Carolyn, Mr Phillips, Sandy and Toby (Officer Tobias)- May 1993
Sandy, Carolyn and Jodi hanging out in the office.
Jack and Carolyn- typical goofing around in the office.
Jack, Toby, Carolyn and me- SSU Homecoming 1993

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Red Devil Heart & Soul Stroll- 6/14/09

Come one come all! Sunday, June 14, 2009 - Centennial Lake

I have been doing this walk for several years now. I walk in honor of my mentor and very dear friend, Lisa Slater Williams. As many of you know, she has been battling breast cancer (with various complications) for the past 7 years. I have called upon the Red Devils in the past to provide services for Lisa, and was told that the funds had run out for that particular year. Since then, I'm on a mission to do this every year. We all know someone that has been affected by cancer. This is a small way we can help local families deal with the stress and overwhelming reality of working, raising kids and living with breast cancer.

Here is the link to our TEAM LSW page-

Please consider walking with us. It's always a great time, Centennial Lake is beautiful in the summer, and it's amazing to see all the support for the survivors and the love that surrounds this event. If you can't walk but would like to support "TEAM LSW", you can do that from the link above.

Here is a link to the Red Devils home page-