Monday, June 29, 2009

Mandy's bridal shower

We had a great time yesterday at Mandy's bridal shower. It was a great day! Lots of food, friends, family and fun!

Mandy and Kyra with the "rehearsal" bouquet!

Jenny, Kyra and Mandy- the contestants in the "dress the toilet paper bride" game!

Kyra shows Mandy the board from the "question game".

All of us (clockwise from far left- Eera is in the blue v-neck shirt)- Eera, Kyra, Linda, Mandy, Heather, Belinda, me, Jill, Jenny, Jill, Doe, Amber and Laurie

Monday, June 22, 2009

My new role- I'm a teacher!

I will be teaching Financial Literacy (pg 34 of the PDF link) at Francis Scott Key High School in Carroll County starting in August! It's a full time position- I'll be teaching for 2 quarters, and as of now, will only teach there through the end of January. The principal there is great, and I know if something comes up that I can teach, he'll find something for me to keep me for the remainder of the year. If nothing else, I'll get another contract for 1/2 the school year next August. If I don't get to stay, then I'll go back to subbing in Howard County, and will be able to do any long-term subbing if there's anything available.

I've always said that I'll end up next year where I am supposed to be- and I believe that. I know I'm going where I am supposed to go.

I'm very excited, and although it's a long drive, it's a great opportunity for me to get teaching experience, have my OWN classes and learn some great material that I can use in the future, no matter where I go.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Guess the singer

Today we were in the van and "Dancing in the Dark" was on the radio. I asked her who was singing.

1st guess- U2.
2nd guess- Prince.
3rd guess- Jimmy (Buffett).
4th and final guess- Bruce.

She knows who our faves are (Prince belongs to Uncle Todd). Pretty funny!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

the last dance recital- 6/13/09

I think this is the last dance recital for Kyra- she decided to do soccer from now on. It was sad knowing that she won't be dancing anymore, but she didn't look forward to dance like she did to soccer. I think this is the right decision, but I'll miss her in her little outfits!

Sunday, June 07, 2009


Kyra will play on the Select "A" team next year- she tried out last month and made it!! She's very excited for the new season to start. Unfortunately, she'll be playing against some of her teammates from the Comets! But she is still looking forward to making new friends and seeing her old ones on the field.

Georgetown with Dad/Pepe 5/31/09

Kyra and I went to visit Dad and Marisa, and we were able to talk Dad into going into DC with us. We walked around Georgetown, had lunch at J. Paul's and had a great time together!
Kyra and Pepe