Friday, April 13, 2007

Vegas baby!

Kelly and I spent Easter weekend (for the 2nd year in a row) in Vegas. We had a blast- Kelly promised me that we'd do lots of stuff together, and he kept his promise.

Stuff we always do:
  • Diego restaurant @ MGM Grand- awesome as always
  • Nine Fine Irishmen @ NYNY- I just LOVE this place! We ventured to the upstairs bar this time, and it was a lot of fun. The guy that was downstairs singing wasn't as loud up there, but we could still hear "Margaritaville"! :)
  • Margaritaville @ the Flamingo- again, awesome. "Who's to blame margarita"- yummy! We ventured to the upstairs rooftop bar. Same great place, but different view! We loved it. Right on the Strip- we could see the fountains from the Bellagio above some buildings. It was HOT- I actually got some sunburn. But it was nice to sit in the heat while Kyra hunted for Easter eggs in Westminster in the snow.
  • The pool at NYNY left much to be desired. With the buildings, the sun didn't hit the pool until 11:30- but you had to get there at 10 to get a chair. I love the pool at MGM, so we'll probably stay there on the next trip.
  • The room itself at NYNY was awesome- we got a Spa Deluxe upgrade w/a whirlpool tub and a great view of the NYNY pool and the Bellagio fountains. There is a new condo type place going up between the Monte Carlo and Bellagio, and when that's there, the view from that room will be different, but it was cool to watch the fountains at night!
New stuff:
  • Pink Taco @ the Hard Rock Hotel- Well, we were pretty drunk by the time we go there, so the 2 for 1 margaritas pushed us right over the edge. Happy Hour there is great. The carne asada appetizers- 2 for 1- were amazing. We had 2 humungous (strong and very good) margs and 2 orders of steak for $21 WITH tip!
  • KA (Cirque du Soliel) @ MGM- great show- the moving stage was pretty cool.
  • Gallaghers Restaurant @ NYNY- awesome meal- we've wanted to go there for awhile, and we weren't disappointed. I'm glad we made reservations!
  • We checked out some of the casinos nearby that I've always wanted to just see the inside of. We visited Hooters, the Tropicana and inside the new Planet Hollywood. It's a mess outside, and said "Planet Ho" on the outside :) The inside is beautiful though- and Kelly liked the cocktail waitress outfits!
  • The atrium at the Bellagio was decked out in Spring flowers- it was amazing. In September, there was a Fall/harvest theme. When our friends Jeff & Dianna went in January, it was Chinese New Year. I love how they change it- there was an adorable lady bug and snail- all made of flowers!
This was one of the best trips we've had. When we went in September, I rarely saw him. Of course, the girls (Mo, Angie and Chrissy) were there, so I kept plenty busy. This trip, we hung out a lot and did stuff together that we don't usually do- like walk to different casinos etc. We'll definetly go back, but probably not until next year, possibly for Spring Break again. I think we'll try out some other places from now on. Vegas is awesome, but I'm dying to get to NYC, Williamburg, Philly- places we can take Kyra to that she'll get something out of.

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