Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Red Devil Walk 6/3/07

The walk on Sunday was great- Lisa Slater came, and she finished the whole walk! She was amazing- it's almost 3 miles, and she was such a trooper.

Lisa's son Rudy, our friend Kurt Dishong, Laura Resh & her Mom, Carol Swanson (another Magellan buddy), Kelly, Kyra, Aunt Mandy & Kegger were all there.

I signed up to be a volunteer next year, so I'll get info out earlier so more of you can join us!

Kegger's 1st public event; he was such a good dog!

Rudy, Lisa, Kurt, me, Mandy, Kelly; in front- Carol, Kegger & Kyra

It rained the whole time, but it was still really fun!

Finally finished!


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