Sunday, October 21, 2007

FL work trip

I was in Jacksonville and Pensacola last week for work. On Tuesday, after my visit to the Naval Air Station, one of the other employees of the Arora Group, my new friend Beth, took me down to St. Augustine. It was so much fun- sunny day, great stores, great company. I found a martini place right next to a B&B, so that will be a weekend destination for Kelly and I in the near future!

On Wednesday, I had the 350+ drive on the I-10 from Jacksonville to Pensacola. It wasn't as bad as I thought- I found a Joann's and a scrapbook store in Tallahassee, so that made it more worth the trip.

The weather was fine until Thursday. I woke to horrible downpours- I thought I was going to get into an accident on the way to the Naval Hospital in Pensacola. The TV was on where I was, and they kept showing this twister that had hit- I didn't realize it hit so close to where I was!

Here are some pictures of the tornado damage I took on the way to lunch:

I was GLAD to get home Friday!!

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