Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just some misc pics from the past week or so. Kyra had a "spa" bath, complete with a conditioning treatment for her hair and a mask. The dogs are still tearing the house up- Kegger specifically. We are thinking about getting hardwood in the LR too- that's the last room in the whole house that has wall to wall carpet. As soon as Kelly steam cleans it, one of the dogs (Molly or Kegger) pees on it within hours. I give up.

My new job is great- the commute to Baltimore is 30 mintues, 40 w/traffic, but I'm going against it, so it's usually not bad at all. I haven't worked in the Columbia office yet, but have at least seen it- right across the street from HCC, and right around the corner from David's Natural Market- one of my fave places. I ran into Produce Galore the other day for lunch- I don't think I've been in there in 10+ years. When Meme was alive, I'd go to her house every week and bring her dinner- I'd always get stuff from Produce Galore. Walking in there on Tuesday brought back a lot of memories!!

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