Monday, August 18, 2008

Bethany Beach 2008

Here are pics from our latest beach trip with the Brewer clan. This year, Mandy's fiance Soren joined us. We all stayed in the same place on Parkwood Street, just 2 blocks away from the downtown area (Garfield Pkwy) and 2 blocks from the beach. Linda, Rod and Great Grandma Brewer stayed in a condo about 3 miles inland, where the kids were able to play in the pools, the adults played tennis, and there was a game or 2 of foosball. It was a great trip- there were 2 days that I stayed on the beach for 6 hours- I didn't think I still had that kind of endurance :)

Kyra and Nathan going "nite-nite"; Me and Mandy trying to play tennis!

The Brewer siblings and their better halves!
Mandy & Soren;
Lorie & Justin;
Kelly and me.

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