Thursday, April 09, 2009

Farewell, friend.

I was happy today to find a friend on Facebook that I worked with in the Public Safety office at SSU. I *loved* that job- it was so much fun to work with the other girls (Jodi, Kim, Sandy among others) as well as with Jack Bunting and Carolyn Huston. I loved hanging out with them. Jack tried to convince me to stay in Salisbury after graduation- he loved to make fun of me and my Circle Bar antics and the aftermath. Carolyn had funny nicknames for me- "turnip patch" comes to mind, but I always remember her laughing.

Jodi shared with me the news that Carolyn was hit by a drunk driver on Rt 50 in Willards in Sept 2007. I had no idea, and am so sad today.

Here's a link to the story I found on a Salisbury blog:

Here's what the SU news said in 2006 when Carolyn retired:
An SU alumna, Huston returned to her Alma Mater in 1986, serving two decades before retiring as a corporal with the University Police. “Carolyn was a standout on the softball team while a student. She continued to keep her work and study ethic when she joined the SU Police Department,” said Lt. Robert Brown. “She is a fast learner and had to only be told or shown a task once and she could master it. As an officer she was at the top of her class at the Police Academy and a expert shot with a firearm. Carolyn was always ready to do whatever was needed to assist the department or a fellow officer no matter the effort required. I consider it a privilege to have worked both alongside her and later as one of her supervisors.”
Jack, Jeff, Carolyn, Mr Phillips, Sandy and Toby (Officer Tobias)- May 1993
Sandy, Carolyn and Jodi hanging out in the office.
Jack and Carolyn- typical goofing around in the office.
Jack, Toby, Carolyn and me- SSU Homecoming 1993

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