Monday, June 22, 2009

My new role- I'm a teacher!

I will be teaching Financial Literacy (pg 34 of the PDF link) at Francis Scott Key High School in Carroll County starting in August! It's a full time position- I'll be teaching for 2 quarters, and as of now, will only teach there through the end of January. The principal there is great, and I know if something comes up that I can teach, he'll find something for me to keep me for the remainder of the year. If nothing else, I'll get another contract for 1/2 the school year next August. If I don't get to stay, then I'll go back to subbing in Howard County, and will be able to do any long-term subbing if there's anything available.

I've always said that I'll end up next year where I am supposed to be- and I believe that. I know I'm going where I am supposed to go.

I'm very excited, and although it's a long drive, it's a great opportunity for me to get teaching experience, have my OWN classes and learn some great material that I can use in the future, no matter where I go.

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