Sunday, July 15, 2007

Kegger's latest adventures!

Howard County Dog Park, Sunday July 15th

I made the trip to the Howard County office of licensing on Friday, and got Kegger licensed and bought the license for the dog park, off New Cut Rd. It was his first time there, and he stuck with Kelly and I most of the time. He plays with the other dogs at dog school, but he seemed to want to be with us. He did pee on my foot like he does at dog class though! I bet after we take him a few more times, he'll be more comfortable and play with the other dogs more.

Centennial Lake, Saturday July 14th

We bought a 26 ft retractable lead for Kegger (good up to 110 lbs, which we very well may need!) and took him to Centennial on Saturday. He had a great time, and LOVES to swim!! He doesn't make noise when he swims like Max did, but he does tend to get water in his ears almost every time he goes for the stick, and he's really cute trying to shake his head.

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