Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bo Bice on Mother's Day

Kelly bought us tickets to see Bo Bice at Rams Head in Annpolis. We really liked Bo when he was on American Idol, so this was a great surprise for me!! He didn't realize the show was on Mother's Day, but it worked out great.

Kyra had a very busy weekend- a Fun Run at Rockburn Elementary, a Daisy event, soccer, dance rehearsal and sleepovers at G&G Brewer's and G&G Mahoneys!

The concert was great. We love that venue- we've only been there once, to see the Subdudes last year (going again next month!). These tickets on Sunday were awesome- I was 6 feet away from Bo! Gary Nichols opened for him, and we thought he was great. Kelly got to meet him as we were leaving the bar. We walked around Annapolis for awhile after the show. We bought a cute pirate kind of sign that says "Poop Deck"- appropriate for a small yard w/3 dogs! I also finally got the Crocs that I've been wanting. I love them! Kyra thought they were so beautiful (they're pink)- I thought that was funny.

It was a great Mother's day!

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