Monday, May 21, 2007

Wine in the Woods- 5/20/07

We attended Wine in the Woods- finally! I've been wanting to go since we met 10 years ago, but other plans or the weather have always prevented us from going. It was so much fun- the weather was great, the wine was flowing and the company was fantastic. What more could you ask for??

We went with one of my oldest friends Todd, his girlfriend Val, my friend Christine and her son Justin (Justin and Kyra went to the Young School together), and Todd's sister Kristy and his nephew Wyatt. The kids had a blast. Kyra and Justin played like they always have, and Wyatt fit in perfectly. They played in the roped off wooded area right behind us- we could see them the whole time but were off in their own little world. It was perfect.

The Regan Years (an 80's band) played in the latter part of the afternoon, and Christine and I took the kids down to dance- what fun!! They got wild and cut loose.

Can't wait to do it again next year :)

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