Thursday, May 03, 2007

More cards.....

More cards I've made.... the top 2 were already in the plastic bag, and I was too lazy to take them out- made them for Mom to send out. These 2 styles of cards were a stretch for me- using paper flowers, ribbon AND my new embossing toy (the Cuttlebug). I LOVE tools, accessories, etc, but I don't use them nearly as often as I should. These were fun to make. Kelly got me a subscription to Paper Crafts magazine, and I love it. I get so much inspiration for layouts and designs of cards- that's what I usually have the hardest time with - I hav all this STUFF, what do I do with it???? I finally let go of the subscriptions to the parenting mags- too much baby stuff in there for me. I really love the scrapbooking and crafty mags, so that's what I'm keeping!

Back to the original theme of this post! The other 3 cards are more Bella stamps I got for Mothers Day (from Mom). I have another order from them ready to go- the lady at The Stamping Bella has created Fellas!! They are toooo cute- I have the Beerafella in my cart and will have him soon. I can't imagine a better stamp for me to have :)

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